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Fear the State

There is at least one reason that Nashville’s charter school advocates should fear State authorization of charter schools – this Senator has no fear of regulating schools.

Why is it OK for the State to authorize charter schools and wrong for the State to dictate how teachers interact with students?  Do Nashville’s charter advocates have a good answer to that question?

Or maybe Nashville’s charter educators will be happy to include this topic in their curriculum:

“Students shall be informed of the nature of America which makes it an exception differentiated by its behavior, influence and contributions from the other nations of the world; and to show students why it is a positive difference, that has led the world to improvements in science, agriculture, economics, education, justice, human rights, the standard of living, and liberty not only within our borders, but across the world.”

Sounds borderline totalitarian to me.

Are Nashville’s charter advocates winning a battle at the risk of losing a war?


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