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Predator Priorities

$6,100,000 – Estimated Nashville’s 2012-2013 general fund subsidy of the Nashville Predators.

$8.91 – 2012-2013 estimated subsidy on each ticket to a Nashville Predators game. ($6,1000,000 subsidy divided by last year’s reported attendance of 684,324)

$1,188.52 – Estimated sales of taxable goods necessary per ticket to recoup the Nashville Predators subsidy from the 1/3 of the local option sales tax that goes to the general fund.

$2,428,300 – Amount Metro Nashville Public Schools budgeted for its Gifted and Talented Program this year.

$.17 – Amount spent per enrolled student per day on the Gifted and Talented Program.  (79,000 students attending MNPS for 180 days of school a year.)

What if our commitment to the Gifted and Talented equaled our commitment to the Predators?

For now we have Predator priorities.



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