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Every Option on the Table

Like every urban school district in the nation, Nashville’s public education system is in crisis.

Recently, we avoided a State takeover of our public school system because of a waiver related to the May 2010 flood.  The fact that we failed the State achievement tests for grades 3-8 which were administered in April 2010 – before the flood – was virtually ignored by the City.  To say the least – not good.

If Nashville is to transform its public schools, its elected officials will have to lead the process.  For example, teacher tenure needs to be revamped but revamping is not the same as ramming change down the throats of our teachers and then telling them to get back in the classroom and teach.  Our elected officials must build a consensus between educators, parents and administrators on this issue for Nashville to make progress.  Building consensus will take sacrifice by our elected officials but it’s the only way.

Here’s the question:

If elected will you put every option on the table and lead a long term, substantive transformation of our public education system?  Can you tell us what that means to you?  What specific proposals do you have?


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