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Election 2011

About three years ago, I got into the Nashville Mayor’s race.  It would be a radical understatement to say that the result was not exactly what I had hoped.

Since that August 2007 election, with the exception of the Bells Bend/May Town Center and English Only issues, I have tried to withhold comment on the direction of our City or the decisions of its leaders.  I did not want my comments seen as sour grapes or an attempt to re-litigate the 2007 election.  The voters spoke. I lost.

Now that the 2011 election is upon us, candidates are announcing and I will be a voter in that election – not a candidate, I plan to end that deference.  I won’t be second guessing what’s happened since 2007 but I will offer some personal comments about the direction of our City.  I may have a challenge or two to throw down.  Who knows.  If you’re bored, interested, or whatever, look for more in the coming weeks.




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