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Welcome Home General Glad Castellaw

It’s great to read that General Glad Castellaw decided to return to Tennessee after 36 years in the U.S. Marine Corps.  We need leadership like his in Tennessee.


A couple of things he recently wrote ring especially true with me:

The election is over. Now it’s time for Congress and the president to get back to doing the nation’s business and leave the emotional hyperbole and ideological excesses of the campaign season behind.


Tennessee’s representatives and senators have already taken an oath, the only one they need to adhere to, one that has served our country well for 234 years: the oath to serve our great nation with integrity and concern for all her citizens. Now, they need to take the lead and get on with the hard work of taking care of the nation’s business — the economy and the security of the United States.

As much as our Senators,  Congressmen and Congresswomen should be motivated by these principles, so should the TNDP as it rebuilds.



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